Lynx Platform

The extraction of useful knowledge from voluminous data produced by high-throuput genomics presents a significant challenge to a scientific community. Efficient mining of this data for the needs of biomedical research critically depends on seamless integration of clinical, genomic and experimental information with prior knowledge about genotype-phenotype relationships accumulated in a plethora of publicly available databases. Furthermore, such experimental data should be accessible to a variety of algorithms and analytical pipelines that drive computational analysis and data mining. To address these challenges we are developing Lynx -- a scalable computational platform based on cross-cutting requirements from multiple scientific groups for data integration, management and analysis. The goal of Lynx is to provide an end-to-end support for the analytical needs of various translational projects.

 Our Team 

Lynx platform is being developed by the Bioinformatics group at Prof. Gilliam's Lab at the Human Genetics Department and Computation Institute, the University of Chicago (PI - N. Maltsev, Technical Lead - D. Sulakhe).
Natalia Maltsev (PI)

My major scientific interest is the development of the approaches for representation and analysis of complex biological systems and how these approaches can be applied to the discovery of the molecular mechanisms contributing to complex heritable disorders.

T. Conrad Gilliam
Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Biological Sciences Division
Marjorie I. and Bernard A. Mitchell Professor, Department of Human Genetics
Senior Fellow, Computation Institute
Pritzker Fellow, University of Chicago and the Pritzker School of Medicine
Gilliam Lab Director

Dina Sulakhe

Engagement Manager/Solutions Architect

Lynx Project Architect and Technical Lead

Paul Dave

Director of user services, Computation Institute, the University of Chicago

Lynx Project Manager

Sandy Balasubramanian

Bioinformatics Researcher

Daniela Börnigen

Sr. Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests: Network Biology; Data Integration (Kernel-based data fusion, Probabilistic Graphical Models); Machine Learning; Comparative Genomics; Gene Expression and Regulation; Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics; Human Genetics and Cancer Genetics

Andrew Taylor

Application Developer

Bingqing Xie

Graduate Student

Mark D'Souza

Application Developer

Sheng Wang

Research Professional

Somaye Hashemifar

Graduate Student, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago


Barnett Glickfeld Ph.D
Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University


Jinbo Xu - Associate Professor of Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Inna Dubchak - Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Alex Paciorkowski - Assistant Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, and Biomedical Genetics at the University of Rochester Medical Center

Ghayda Mirzaa - Acting Instructor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington

Somaye Hashemifar - Graduate Student, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Sheng Wang - Post Doctoral Scholar, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

 Former Members  

Eduardo Berrocal - Applications Programmer
Bo Feng - Graduate Student, Illinois Institute of Technology
Bhadrachalam Chitturi - Visiting Researcher, Amrita School of Engineering

 Contact Us  

Scientific Collaborations: Natalia Maltsev
Platform and Technology: Dina Sulakhe